The relevance of IVMS in 2017

With the rapid expansion of GPS technology and a market that is shifting towards cheaper and as such more readily available vehicle and asset trackers, the question may well be asked if IVMS is still relevant today. IVMS, after all, dates back to the Australian mining boom in the period around 2009, so surely it[…]

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DigiCore Australia commences a national reseller network for domestic-grade GPS products

With security becoming more pertinent an issue amongst tradespeople, businesses with fleets and the owners of expensive assets, DigiCore Australia is helping to resolve problems of theft and vehicle misuse via a national reseller network for domestic grade GPS and IVMS products. Auto Electricians Australia wide are being invited to take part in this latest[…]

GPS Operation with IVMS

GPS accuracy and IVMS

Our discussion today is about the accuracy of GPS, the required underlying technology for IVMS.  “Why is the accuracy of GPS such an important thing when it gets to IVMS?” may well be asked. The answer is this: just about everything in IVMS relies on the accuracy of GPS technology. Get the position wrong by[…]

Personnel Tracking

The DCA700 family of products puts you in touch with your staff, no matter where they are!

DigiCore Australia is proud to announce that it has entered the personnel tracking market with two exceptionally versatile and easy-to-use products: our DCA710 3G tracker and the DCA720 satellite tracker. Both these products can relay a worker’s position back to base on an ongoing basis and both of them have duress notification capabilities. The DCA710[…]

IVMS and GPS for Local Government

The evolving nature of GPS

There has been a significant shift in the cost/ functionality ratio in GPS over the past few years. Prices have nosedived and yesterday’s advanced functionality has become today’s basic and standard functionality. Solid state accelerometers were expensive not that long ago and only top-of-the range GPS devices could detect driving style – this functionality is[…]

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GPS Tracking has Evolved – The rapidly exploding usage of GPS technology

Since the early days when GPS technology was an expensive and rare product, it has changed to penetrate the world at virtually every level. What not that long ago required a complex and costly product is now available as a virtually free add-on even in smartphones, to name but one product range. All based on a very simply concept: a GPS chip detecting where it is and relaying this information back to where it is needed through a process known as telemetry, see […]

2013 port performance

Product Announcement – DCA260

DigiCore Australia is proud to announce its  DCA260/ Remora, our new low profile, rugged 3G (NextG) GPS tracking device that has been designed for tracking containers, trailers, skip bins and other assets. Its super-long battery life (up to 5 years) enables it to provide a solid maintenance-free performance over several years, with a high frequency of accurate position updates.   […]