IVMS: renting or buying outright?

The most common enquiry is for portable IVMS from subcontractors that win short-term mining contracts, but we also get enquiries for people that want to rent units that are semi-permanently installed into vehicles. We sometimes get asked by our IVMS customers if they can rent units from us. We understand the difference between capex and[…]

Network coverage for IVMS and asset tracking – how do they differ?

  As a supplier of IVMS we are often facing the difficult situation of having to recommend and select the correct product to match the available network coverage. Outside the capital cities of Australia 3G/4G can sometimes be unreliable and in more isolated parts of the country outright unavailable, yet it is by far the[…]

Why we don’t recommend the use of satellite navigation and especially messaging screens linked to our IVMS.

People often believe IVMS GPS tracking and satellite navigation go hand-in-hand. There seems to be some confusion that somehow they are the same thing in different forms. The reality is though, they couldn’t be more different. Whilst it is true that both IVMS and satellite navigation utilise GPS information, their purpose and function differ wildly[…]

The challenges of IVMS in the Outback

  Part of managing a dynamic IVMS implementation is the vendor’s ability to communicate with the IVMS device via 3G/4G. Setting can be changed “over the air” i.e. by communication directly with the device configuration via the SIM card. Top-end IVMS devices for instance run scripts that will enforce driving rules. A driver may get an[…]

IVMS – a Noun or a Verb?

IVMS is simply not a product that can be bought and sold and left to its own devices, it requires ongoing involvement.   Much as IVMS consists of hardware i.e. the GPS unit, a GPS aerial and several other pieces of equipment, it in the end is no different from a television set. Early on[…]