IVMS – a Noun or a Verb?

IVMS is simply not a product that can be bought and sold and left to its own devices, it requires ongoing involvement.   Much as IVMS consists of hardware i.e. the GPS unit, a GPS aerial and several other pieces of equipment, it in the end is no different from a television set. Early on[…]

IVMS Driver identification: making use of existing tags

DigiCore Australia integrates their IVMS/ GPS systems with their customers’ existing personnel identification tags.   How does this work?   All quality systems enable a way for drivers to identify themselves. The whole premise of IVMS/ GPS is that driver behavior can be modified down to the level of discussing matters with an individual driver.[…]

safety toolbox ivms

IVMS as a Tool

IVMS – Just another specification to comply to; or a tool that empowers your site safety…?   “Safety first” is a slogan hailed by society on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, it has reached a point where it has become so general that people don’t give the attention to safety as it should and this has left the WH&S[…]