Digicore is Australia's premier provider of GPS fleet tracking and monitoring systems.

IVMS and Driver Resistance

Installing IVMS into a vehicle brings two potentially conflicting aspects into contact with each other: an individual’s need for privacy, and a company’s need to protect its drivers’ safety and its vehicles against abuse and unauthorised trips. DigiCore Australia has rolled out IVMS into many businesses and onto many mine sites since 2007 and we[…]

VirtuaFuel - Intelligent Fuel Management extending Digicore's product range.

DigiCore Australia adds actual fuel management into their GPS/ IVMS and VirtuaFuel family of solutions

From low-end GPS, to mining IVMS to asset trackers of all form, DigiCore Australia now also provide their customers a comprehensive fuel management system. Making use of the same high-end programmable DCA400 series units we use for IVMS, we now integrate with BrightForce and other fuel gauges to accurate relay into our reporting system the[…]

Digicore is Australia's premier provider of GPS fleet tracking and monitoring systems.

GPS and its growing role in Human Safety

GPS products have, over the past few years, increasingly entered the field of personal safety. Where once it was essentially a technology used by scientists and the military, it has evolved to become a common product for fleet owners, from where it has moved into more advance applications like mining IVMS – making this a[…]

Water Authorities need IVMS for compliance and reporting purposes

DigiCore Australia entering the Aged Care GPS tracking market.

Based in Melbourne, DigiCore Australia has become known as one of Australia’s leading IVMS/ GPS suppliers. Ranging from high-end mining IVMS to providing container suppliers with GPS solutions, DigiCore Australia does everything GPS in between: portable IVMS, asset trackers, personnel trackers, installed and battery operated  3G and satellite devices, GPS Logbooks: whatever it takes to[…]

Digicore is Australia's premier provider of GPS fleet tracking and monitoring systems.

IVMS: Logic at 4 levels

Why is it said that IVMS incorporates logic at 4 levels? This is why: Level 1 – inside the vehicle. IVMS units are high-end GPS units that are programmable to make decisions inside the vehicle. These are decisions like warning a driver that a violation is about to be reported and it may consist of[…]

The relevance of IVMS in 2017

With the rapid expansion of GPS technology and a market that is shifting towards cheaper and as such more readily available vehicle and asset trackers, the question may well be asked if IVMS is still relevant today. IVMS, after all, dates back to the Australian mining boom in the period around 2009, so surely it[…]

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DigiCore Australia commences a national reseller network for domestic-grade GPS products

With security becoming more pertinent an issue amongst tradespeople, businesses with fleets and the owners of expensive assets, DigiCore Australia is helping to resolve problems of theft and vehicle misuse via a national reseller network for domestic grade GPS and IVMS products. Auto Electricians Australia wide are being invited to take part in this latest[…]